Terms & Conditions

AACARS is a Greek Car Rental Company operating in Greece


Head Office: Lagyna,

Second Office: SKG Airport Area 14th km Thessalonikis- Neas Michanionas
(Three (3) minutes away from the SKG Airport Makedonia)



Tel: +30 2310473896 or Mob:+30 6984680016

Email: info@aacars.gr

IMPORTANT: Delivery Information The customer has to go to PARKING 5, in the airport. An employee will be waiting for you there with our shuttle bus. This will drive you to our nearby rental station for vehicle handover. The vehicle is returned to our rental station only. A member of staff will then drive you back to the airport. Please make sure that the flight number and the airline are correct.

Bookings & Car Groups:

If a car group is “ ON REQUEST” that means, AACARS has the right to answer with a confirmation or refusal for the requested booking. Even if the client receives an automatic confirmation email, AACARS has the right to approve or decline the aforementioned booking within 24 hours.


All reservations are made based on the vehicle category, not for a specific model. In case of non-availability of a vehicle in the category pre-selected by the customer, always with reference to a confirmed reservation, AACars reserves the right to provide to the customer a higher category car, at no extra charge for the customer.
AACARS.GR is not responsible for improperly chosen categories.
This relates in particular to the number of people traveling with you and the items of luggage carried.
The vehicles are handed over cleaned and should be returned as far as possible. If the vehicles are unusually dirty, a cleaning fee of up to EUR 100.00 will be charged.
AACARS has the right to cancel the booking you made at least 6 days before your pick up day! before your rental, if the car that you had booked was crashed.


21 years old is the minimum age requirement for using cars of categories A,B,C and D; 23 years of age is the minimum age requirement for the rest of car categories.
Drivers entered in the rental contract must have held a valid Class III (B) driver's license for at least 2 years.
The vehicle tenants are responsible for carrying the valid ID.
In the case of missing documents or duplicates carried along, there is no rent obligation on our part and no refund of payments already made.
Citizens of countries outside the E.U. are required to be in possession of a valid international driving license, along with producing the national driving license.

If the client wants to extend the car rental, while has already the car from AAcars, it is a must to come to our station and sign the new contract for the extension and pay for the extra amount. Τhe price for the extension of the contract may change with the current price of the website and not with the old price. There are no refunds after the end of the vehicle rental. Any problems are solved during the reservation as long as you inform the company, which will do its best for you. (replacement of the vehicle wherever you are in Greece etc)

Traffic tickets – Fines:

Traffic tickets and fines due to violations of the Highway Code are borne by the Renter. In addition, the Renter undertakes the payment of management costs, where required. AACARS.GR will charge a processing fee of 10.00€ in addition to the amount of the fine.


Cancellation of a reservation must be done at least forty two (48) hours prior to the scheduled date and hour of commencement of the vehicle’s rental (always according to the exact hour of reservation), as this has been made in the company’s reservations system or by sending us an email at: info@aacars.gr
In this case, the deposit amount will be refunded (Fees & Comissions are applied)
In case there is a change in date or time of booking and this results in a reduction in price, this reduction does not apply in case we are informed up to 48 hours before the arrival time. A bank fee of 5-27.00€ will be charged for any refund to a foreign account. In case of a refund via PayPal, the fee by PayPal is lower.

AACARS.GR is not responsible for changes / cancellations after the start of the rental which leads to a price change.
A refund or credit for a reservation that has not been made due to no-show, lack of driver license, earlier return trip or cancellation after the start of the rental cannot be made.

No Show:

If you are not able to receive the vehicle at the time you have specified, please let us know in advance, otherwise the reservation will be canceled after 2 hours.

After-hours deliveries – collections:

You can see the fee of 40.00€ (including 24%VAT) during the booking on our website as soon as you have entered the acceptance and delivery time. If your flight is delayed and the delivery is made outside normal opening hours, you may have to pay the fee in addition to the total amount of your booking.
Our office is open from 8:30 to 21:30. We are here to assist you 24/7, but operating outside of the aforementioned working hours will incur an extra cost(40.00€) to the client.

Out of station deliveries – collections:

Deliveries and collections out of stations take place upon request by the customer. The extra charge for deliveries-collections can be discussed via email at: info@aacars.gr


The renter has to return the car with the same quantity of fuel it had when collected. In case the car is returned with a quantity of fuel less than the original, the customer shall be charged with the fuel difference. No refund is provided in case of the car returned with a quantity of fuel more than that collected. Vehicles are delivered with a minimum quantity of fuel, corresponding to ¼ of the reservoir.


Free mileage is provided for rentals of more than 3 days’ duration. For rentals of a duration less than 3 days, prices include a 100 km/day limitation.


In case of an accident, the customer is charged with 90€ for the accident file administration costs, even if the customer has full insurance, AACARS has the right to replace a car, after an accident, or problem, in 48 Hours.

Road Assistance:

AACars cars are covered by 24hours road assistance for all the car categories. Road assistance’s contact details are stated on the rental contract.

Car transport out of the country:

Transport and driving of the car outside the borders of the Greek Territory is forbidden. Driving of the car out of the country is allowed exceptionally and only upon written permission by the company and payment of the amount which the company shall determine in each case

Car transport by ship:

For the car’s transport by ship, the company’s written approval is required and it cost 20.00EYR.


About the insurances, If the customer has already full insurance for free as it is free in most of our categories, in case of an accident the customer will pay only the administration fees, 90€. Full Insurance means that the customer is 100% covered about the car that he/she rented and AACARS does not need the customer’s credit card for deposit. The customer is not covered for the glasses, tires, and underbody of the car. If the customer wants to buy extra insurance about the Glass, Underbody of the car, and the Tyres, the price depends on the car category he/she picks. The customer can buy this extra cover in the office or via the website from +3/day to +27€/day. If the car category that the customer picked has not full insurance included then AACARS must preauthorize the customer’s credit card as a deposit which is written in every car category that has not full insurance included.
Fuel malfunctions due to poor or incorrect Fuel, damage to child and baby seats, lack of electricity due to forgetting to switch off the electrical devices, private items stolen from the car or damaged in an accident
Damage in these areas will be charged to the customer in full.
Lost or damaged vehicle keys are not part of the insurance cover and the cost of the replacement will be charged to the customer, from 190.00€, depending on the type of key and vehicle type.
AACARS.GR is not liable for damage or accidents caused by alcohol, medication and / or drugs due to driver's consciousness disorders. The same also applies to damage or accidents that were arbitrarily provoked by the customer on or off the street. In such cases, the customer is solely liable.
The driver must never leave the scene of the accident without notifying the car rental company and the police.
He also has to wait for the police to arrive so that they can prepare an accident report, the copy of which must be submitted when the vehicle is returned.
If you fail to notify the car rental company and the police and do not comply with the requirements of the state laws, the insurance does not cover any damage and the vehicle renter is liable for the entire cost of the damage.
The police report should also state whether one of the drivers involved was under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.
In case of other damage to the rented vehicle, even if it was parked, the car rental must be informed IMMEDIATELY before the vehicle is moved.
In case of theft, the customer must immediately inform the car rental company and hand over the vehicle key and the police report there as soon as possible.
The customer is obliged to immediately report any type of vehicle damage to the car rental company.
If this is not done, the customer is liable for all costs.
In case of a damage or an accident, a processing fee of up to EUR 90.00 will be charged. All rental cars are insured for the maximum number of passengers.

PAI – Personal Accident Insurance:

• PAI (personal accident insurance) for the occupants up to 1,220,000 euros it is included for all the car groups.
Vehicles are insured against third parties (excluding the driver) for death and bodily harm up to the amount of one million two hundred and twenty thousand Euros (1,220,000.00€) per accident and for material damages by third parties (excluding the AACars vehicle) up to the amount of one million two hundred and twenty thousand Euros (1,220,000.00€). In case of change of the above limits, the minimum limits, as defined by the applicable Greek legislation, shall always apply. Damages exceeding the insurance coverage limit, or excluded by it, shall be fully paid by the customer.