Long-term Rental

This is long-term rental with AACars! A different, up-to-date proposal to business & private drivers that offers you several benefits:
> Greater flexibility in choosing the model, features and equipment of your new car. This way, you don't compromise with the moderate choices you would probably make when buying.
> Exemption from operating costs, traffic charges, mixed security, maintenance and tire change. All of this, and not only, is included in your monthly rent.
> Avoid the high expense involved in buying a car. Why spend your savings when you can only pay a monthly rent? And you also save on expenses such as sorting and more.
> Getting a car easily and quickly, without time-consuming bureaucratic procedures. AACars takes on all the tiring responsibilities of owning and enjoying your new car.
> Insurance coverage for whatever happens in your car, for the entire lease period. And not just insurance, but mixed insurance for your new vehicle.
> Stability in the cost of using your car. Because long-term rental ceases to worry you about accidents, accidents, breakdowns, etc. So you better plan your expenses.
> The ability to have a brand new car every few years. So you always enjoy the latest technology in safety, fuel economy and performance of the newer models.
Also, don't forget that...
> It's a myth that everyone knows long-term rental just as well. Trust AACars for its prestige, technical level of executives, high know-how and market position.
> It's a myth that "long-term rental prices are the same everywhere." Request an offer from AACars today and enjoy truly prime rental costs or take advantage of AACars long-term rentals' unique offers.
> With AACars you know that you will get a truly premium benefits package.
> Compliance with all agreed upon by the company, both in the amounts and at the times specified.
For a brand new car the way you want it, without paying a living ... choose AACars Long-term rental!

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