Car rental terms and conditions


AACARS is a Greek Car Rental Company operating in Greece


Head Office: Lagyna,
Second Office: SKG Airport. 14o km thessalonikis-mixaniwnas (Three (3) minutes from the SKG Airport Makedonia)



Tel: +30 2310473896

or Mob: +306984680016


All Transactions are completed in EUR – Please see Terms and Conditions.



All reservations are based on a vehicle category and not a certain car model. In case of no availability for a specific vehicle AA CARS reserves the right to offer a vehicle of similar or bigger category to the customer at no extra cost.

By Greek law the minimum age for a driver renting a vehicle is 23 years. If you are 20 to 22 years old, please contact with us. AA CARS will refuse to provide a vehicle unless valid proof of age is presented at delivery of your vehicle.
The Driver is required to be in procession of a valid driving license for at least a year when renting a car vehicle.

Traffic violations and fines will be charged back to the client/renter.
If you wish to cancel a booking, the client/renter is required to contact our team by email on the details provided on the AA Cars website.
Collections and deliveries outside normal office hours incur and extra charge of 25.00 EUR
Deliveries and Collections are On-Request. The extra charge within city limits is 25.00 EUR. AA Cars reserves the right to apply extra charges of 1.24 EUR per kilometer on long distance deliveries and collections.
Additional Driver: In some categories the First Additional driver is free of charge , second additional driver costs 2.5 EUR / per day, but need to adhere to the driver requirements (Terms 2,3)




The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had when collected. In the case of returning the vehicle with less fuel, the renter will be charged with the fuel difference. (Minimum charge is 20 EUR)
No refunds are issued for vehicles returned with more fuel than when collected.
Child seat
One child seat is provided free of charge after booking.

Extension of rental period:
The tenant is obliged to inform AACARS at least two days before the expiry of the rental contract in case of a desired extension of the rental period. This will be only accepted in case of availability and after mutual agreement on means of payment. If the car is not returned at the fixed date and time as agreed at the rental contract, AACARS itself will collect the car from the place located at the expense of the tenant. In case that the tenant returns the car earlier than agreed, the rental price will not be reduced.

Cancellation of Lease:
The lessee is required to inform the company at least 10 days in advance so that the amount of the advance can be recovered. In case of inappropriate information, the rent is not refunded. Also, the rent is not refunded upon receipt

Deliveries – Returns:
The cars are delivered and returned at the customer’s request at the airport of Thessaloniki free of charge. For deliveries and returns to the city’s center, there will be a charge of 25,00€. For all other points there will be charge upon agreement. Deliveries and returns between 22:00 and 08:00 will be charged with 25,00€. The renter received the said vehicle in good condition and, after ascertaining that in meets his entire satisfaction and has a tank, he acknowledges his liability to return it in the same condition, with a tank bearing the cost of the gasoline consumed during rental and keys.

Driver’s age:
Driver’s minimum age is 23 years old.
The maximum age of the tenant is 70 years.
If you are 20 to 22 years old, please contact with us.
AACARS will refuse to provide a vehicle unless valid proof of age is presented at delivery of your vehicle.

Driving license:
The Driver is required to be in procession of a valid driving license for at least a year when renting a car vehicle.

Insurance Benefits:
AACARS provides Full comprehensive insurance without excess to some categories. (In case of an accident the renter has not to pay).
Liability Insurance.
PAI (Personal. accident insurance) for the occupants up to 1 million euros.
physical harm to third persons up to 1 million euros.
property damage to third persons up to 1 million euros.

Full Insurance:
Administrative fines and resulting from disregard of traffic regulations damage sole responsibility of the tenant and are NOT covered by the insurance.

The customer is liable for the following damages:
Antenna, car lock, loss or damage to keys, windshield wipers, mirrors, spare keys, car jack, lights, gas cap, warning triangles, damage to the seat cushion, extreme dirt IN car underbody damage, damage due to negligence, fuel disturbances caused by defective or incorrect fuel, damage Child and baby seats, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned on electrical devices, items that were stolen from the car or damaged in an accident.
The car hire is under no obligation to replace a defective tire or damage to the radio.
AACARS is not liable for damages or accidents that applies on the basis of Disturbances of consciousness the driver by alcohol, drugs and / or drugs . The same for damage or accidents which were arbitrarily provoked by the customer or outside the Street .In such cases shall be solely liable to the customer.
The driver must never leave the scene of an accident without car rental and notify the police.
Similarly, it has to wait for the arrival of the police so that they can create an accident report, a copy of which shall be lodged at return of the vehicle.
If you omit the car rental and call the police and do not meet the requirements of state law, the insurance does not cover damage and the hirer shall be liable for the entire cost of damage emerging.
The police report should also state whether one of the drivers involved has been impaired by alcohol and / or drugs.
Even in the case of other damage to the rented vehicle, the car rental PROMPTLY should be informed.
With damage to the parked car, you have to inform us before the car is moved.
Customer must notify in case of theft of the car rental immediately and leave the car keys and the police report as soon as possible there.
In general, the customer is obliged to any type of vehicle damage the car hire IMMEDIATELY reported.
If this is not done, the customer is liable for all costs incurred. The minimum amount for processing is 90.-Eur.
Administrative fines and resulting from disregard of traffic regulations damage sole responsibility of the tenant and are NOT covered by the insurance.
All rental car will be insured for the maximum number of passengers.
In the interest of security, this should not be exceeded, otherwise the insurance may be invalidated. ss/replacement.
The Full INSURANCE is not valid in case the driver of the rental car causes an accident or damages as a result of committing a traffic violation of the Greek Traffic Code.
Charges for any of the damages written below will be charged directly to the client, the most important are the following: Antenna, trays, damage to car lock, loss or damage to keys, windshield wipers, glass, wheels, tires, interior of the car, spare key and car jack, hubcap, lights, gas cap, damage to upholstery of a car, damages to the roof, damages caused by roof rack and any luggage on it, extreme dirtiness in a car, underside damage, personal belongings in a rented car, damage due to negligence, tire punctures and burst tires, fuel errors, damage to child seats and baby seats, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned on electrical devices, loss of car documents, loss of registration plate. The car rental company, in any case, is not obligated to replace a flat tyre or damages in music devices (radio, CD/mp3 player, etc.).
AA Cars will not refund any telephone, taxi or hotel costs.

Additional Insurance (WUG)
The WUG insurance covers damage to tires, underbody, mirrors, glass, and antenna. These can be booked separately for a fee.


Credit cards
With this payment method, you enter the 128-bit SSL encrypted area of PIRAEUS BANK, which will ask you for your card number.
After a successful completion of the payment amount is only provisionally reserved.
The booking is only confirmed when you receive from us within 24 hours after booking, a detailed confirmation by e-mail. Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. The following are accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD ONLY. IN CASE OF BRINGING OTHER TYPE OF CREDIT CARDS WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM – AACARS HAS THE RIGHT TO NOT PROVIDE THE CAR IN CASE OF OTHER TYPES OF CREDIT CARDS.
Any possible claim should be stated to AA Cars within 30 day after the end of the rental. The full written description of the problem is required. After the 30 days AA Cars will refuse any associated liabilities. AACARS has the right, to charge renter’s credit card excess amount, within 48 hours after the return of the car in our office.
The vehicle should be used only by the renter or other additional drivers mentioned on the rental agreement. The vehicle is prohibited to be used, for infringement of Greek laws, for towing other vehicles, in order to transport heavy objects or baggage, flammable materials, or smelly objects, to be used outside asphalt road network, under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or toxic substances, for transportation via boats or cross border rentals without a prior written authorization of AA Cars. Vehicles returned in bad condition and dirty in the interior will be charged for special cleaning with a minimum cost of €75.
The Terms and Conditions are subject to change with a written notification at least 5 business days. Exception possible changes of the Greek Law or European Union.
All car types that are mentioned in catalogues are suggestive models and are subject to change with similar models at AA Cars discretion

We welcome your feedback. Please contact us through mail at INFO@AACARS.GR. All issues raised are managed by an experienced team of company representative.

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